Design world EMOTION


The new design world EMOTION features popular and low-maintenance fabrics that draw glances with fresh colours combined with lots of white. They radiate a sweet lightness, pick up on the batik and watercolour trends, play with devoré effects and have a soft feel and a beautiful fall. In particular, Saum & Viebahn addresses young or young-at-heart customers who want to design their interior with cheerful, youthful sparkle without excessive financial expenditure.


Tropical Vibes!

The theme world EMOTION conjures vacation vibes for us already in wintertime in our living spaces. Delicate turquoise hues, like gentle ocean breezes, influence our mood; vibrant coral pink lighten our spirits, and bright pastels not only radiate pure harmony but combine beautifully with one another.

Welcome to the Jungle!

The collection in the EMOTION design world is all about the “Urban Jungle” motto. A colourful mix of materials and colours that radiate pure joie de vivre and lightness.

The trend theme “Greenery” runs like a thread through the entire theme and appears in all its splendour in the decorative fabric “Coco”. “Coco” has a delicate companion in the form of the “Jambo” devoré. It picks up on the leaf motif in a graphic, simplified form and its transparency makes it appear light and airy.

Getting that holiday feeling at home

Light, youthful and colourful – the decorative and curtain fabrics from the design world EMOTION come in light and airy designs and with floral motifs. Combinations of understated colour gradients with light colours and friendly white are bang on trend and harmonize perfectly with the digitally printed watercolour designs of the EMOTION design world.

Colour Flow - Signs of spring for the whole year

The collection Colour Flow is a true mood buster: The "Damian" batik stripe with its watercolour appearance is bold and eye-catching - as if loosely hand-painted with a brush. The highlight of the collection is the “Tess” fabric, which is designed with colourful butterflies using a creative, watercolour technique. It brings spring to your home all year round. No matter how murky and gloomy the weather is, “Tess” creates a springlike mood.



Gardine Tess aus der Kollektion Colour Flow von Saum und Viebahn bringt den Fruehling in Ihr Zuhause

Schöne konfektionierte, farbenfrohe Kissen aus der Kollektion Colour Flow von Saum und Viebahn

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