Design world PRESTIGE

Sophisticated, high-quality collections; the PRESTIGE design world stands for fine, elegant and high-quality classics with a modern touch. It fits in with a sophisticated and ornate furnishing style - perfect for anyone who is looking for and who loves something special. The colours have been pared down. Fine shades are complemented with blue and brown, violet and gold.

New Collection: Fashion - Coordinate in perfection

The brilliance of the colours is second to none – intensive petroleum paired with saffron yellow recalls the feathers of a peacock, and ink-blue brings out the dazzling lustre of pink. Highlights include a high-low velour in various designs and an embossed moiré that captures the light and seems to shine from within.

New Collection: Boutique - Coordinate in perfection

The furnishing fabric collection Prestige Boutique pulls back a little when it comes to colourfulness and focuses more on a mix of different techniques and textures. The numerous designs are inspired by the animal world. Next to cuddly fur are various velours, some with strong graphics and some more playful. A fake leather in antelope look and an elegant flat weave reminiscent of a leopard’s coat set the highlights and can be perfectly combined.

Collection Couture - Haute couture for cushions and upholstery fabrics

Sensational digital prints on different velour fabrics in superior quality - the new “Couture” collection from the PRESTIGE design world impresses with brilliant, expressive colours that transform every home into an exclusive living landscape. Every design is also unique. The fashion-inspired, exclusive designs have an opulent appearance that satisfies the highest requirements.

Saum und Viebahn Prestige Kollektion Couture

Saum und Viebahn - Prestige Kollektion Couture - Detailaufnahme

Saum und Viebahn Prestige Kollektion Couture - Detailaufnahme

Saum und Viebahn Prestige Kollektion Couture

Mohair - naturally beautiful, naturally exclusive

The new collection “Mohair” in the PRESTIGE design world gives a particularly exquisite touch to high-end upholstery textiles in premier fabrics and classic designs. A purely natural fibre, mohair is among the lightest of textile fibres, but it has strength and resilience which makes for hard-wearing fabrics. As a fine furnishing fabric, mohair adds true class to living areas for discerning fans of sleek interiors.




Uptown - A tasteful design update

Exciting structures with matt and sparkling effects meet faux plains and small designs with a hint of the oriental. They are complemented by velour with large print that combines various colour themes. The colours are powerful and progressive: violet, petrol green, marsala red, slate blue, greige, beige, golden yellow, mint - always combined with a metallic tone - are up-todate, modern and extroverted.

Kollektion Uptown von Saum & Viebahn | Designwelt PRESTIGE

Kollektion Uptown  von Saum & Viebahn | Designwelt PRESTIGE

New collection
Apart - Luxurious and eye-catching with bouclé yarn

The new  upholstery fabric collection Apart from the design world PRESTIGE stands for fine, elegant and high-quality classics with a modern touch.

The collection consists of plain and patterned fabrics that delight with a grainy, three-dimensional appearance and a surprisingly soft, smooth feel.

Moderner Sessel bezogen mit einem Stoff aus der Kollektion Apart von Saum & Viebahn | Designwelt Prestige

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