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In the foreground of the design world ELEGANCE, there are casual naturalness, sensuality, shabby chic effects and elegance. Following the motto “home improvement”, this part of the collection shows what makes homeliness. Natural shades and materials (e.g. linen or cotton, as well as blends), combined with trendy, metallic tones show taste and style.

New collectionMilano - fabrics in soft chenille

The new collection “Milano” from the ELEGANCE design world satisfies longings for the elegant grandness of bygone times and the desire for maximum well-being. It interprets the elegance of times past in an entirely new and modern way. As a coordinate fabric, it makes the combination of different textiles possible, and not only in the home. As an FR collection, Milano contains flame-retardant fabrics that are suitable for contract use, especially in hotels, for example.

Domaso, Dezzo, Dinami – the new, decorative fabrics from Saum & Viebahn look as sophisticated as their names sound melodious. The six hangers stand for urban elegance, striking highlights and a harmonious mix of soft colours and powerful accents.
The harmonious collection line features both softly flowing fabrics in a modern damask design, as in the jacquard decorative fabric “Dego”, as well as intricate, satin-weave effects à la “Dogana”. Herringbone patterns, geometric 3D effects with a honeycomb appearance and pleated fabrics transform the collection into an essential repertoire for a living ambience characterised by urban elegance, where intricate leaf-pattern embroidery gives the collection a natural touch.

Collection Natural Reflections - refined naturalness and a hint of luxury

Voluminous, luxuriant visual effects alternate with shimmering transparencies. Wonderful fabric “Shiva” is ostentatious and perfectly suited to rooms with high ceilings. It has a bark-like structure and plays with matt and shine. Magnificently finished fabric “Felicia” features large leaves in shimmering shades. All fabrics of the new collection can be combined very harmoniously and look classy, shimmering and precious.



Kollektion Natural Reflections mit traumhaft schönen Stoffen von der Natur inspiriert | Designwelt ELEGANCE

Wahrer Goldrausch: Deko-Gardine Shiva aus der Kollektion Natural Reflections von Saum & Viebahn | Designwelt ELEGANCE

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